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German teacher Renate Grasstat offers a glossary of German housing terms. Finding an apartment to rent in Germany might sometimes be difficult. There are cities such as Munich that are relatively expensive for housing, and others where one can expect lower costs, mainly in smaller towns and also in some parts of Berlin.

munich expat dating

The usual thing for Germans is to rent mietennot to buy. If you are thinking of getting a house, the best thing would be to find a real estate agent immobilienmakler who speaks English.

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Imagine you have found an ad in a newspaper or on the Internet. Understanding abbreviations is the first step here.

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German abbreviations and housing terms AB: Nebenkosten Pl — extra costs for heating, water, insurances etc. Advertisement Specific housing vocabulary There is also specific vocabulary for some cities in Germany with rather big old buildings that consist of two or more parts around a small court: VH or Vdhs.: HH or Hhs.: SF or Sfl.: Flats in the hinterhaus or seitenflügel are usually less expensive, and smaller but quieter.

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munich expat dating Advertisement Typical dialogue with a real estate agent So a typical dialogue with the agent or the hausverwaltung property management on the phone could go like this: Mein Name ist…………… Ich habe Ihre Anzeige in… e. Ich habe da ein paar Fragen, zum Beispiel: Muss man für die Wohnung eine Kaution zahlen?

Sind die Nebenkosten eigentlich inklusive?

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Dazu kommen noch die Betriebskosten, ungefähr munich expat dating Euro monatlich. Und ist die Wohnung ruhig? Kann ich mir die Wohnung mal ansehen?

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Am Freitag zum Beispiel? Freitag haben munich expat dating schon sehr viele Termine.

The protests, juxtaposed by significant sociocultural and political transformation in the form of the Civil Rights and counter-cultural movements of the s, gathered momentum and cultivated the formation of an international gay rights movement, now known as Gay Pride. For certain German cities, marks 40 years since their first pride celebrations. Pride is a jubilant occasion. However, the ever-important struggle and message behind the event should not be forgotten. Whilst Germany is widely considered gay-friendly and munich expat dating sex marriage was legalized inattacks against openly gay individuals in Germany rose by a third in

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Is it easier to find a place in a WG? Yes and no.

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