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    Zeitz Inland salt meadows are particularly valuable ecosystems, because they support a variety of salt-adapted species halophytes.

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    They can be found throughout Europe; including the peatlands of the glacial single zeitz in northeast Germany. These German ecosystems single zeitz been seriously damaged through drainage. To assess and ultimately limit the damages, temporal monitoring of soil salinity is essential, which can be conducted by geoelectrical techniques that measure the soil electrical conductivity.

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    However, there is limited knowledge on how to interpret electrical conductivity surveys of peaty salt meadows. In this study, temporal and spatial monitoring of dissolved salts was conducted in saline single zeitz soils using different geoelectrical techniques at different scales 1D: Cores and soil samples were taken to validate the geoelectrical surveys.

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    Although the influence of peat single zeitz bulk conductivity is large, the seasonal dynamics of dissolved salts within the soil profile could be monitored by repeated geoelectrical measurements. Groundwater levels below 0. Therefore, to prevent the disappearance of dissolved salts from the rooting zone, which are essential for the halophytes, groundwater levels should be adjusted to maintain depths of between 20 and 35 cm.

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    Lower groundwater levels will lead to the loss of dissolved salts from the rooting zone and higher levels to increasing dilution with fresh rainwater.

    The easy-to-handle conductivity probe is an appropriate tool for salinity monitoring.

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    Using this probe with regressions adjusted for sandy and organic substrates peat and organic gyttja additional influences on bulk conductivity e.